Craft Hot Sauces hand made in New Zealand.

Al's Laboratory is a happy place. Creating hot sauces is a passion. Tasting and tinkering is an obsession for Al. Bringing these creations to you is the culmination of years of tasting and testing. Experimenting with long slow, time honored fermentation techniques has produced a range of distinctive and unique flavour profiles unobtainable with non fermented products. If you are searching for a blend of tradition and modern creativity, Al's Laboratory is the place for you.

Based in Geraldine

Based in the South Canterbury town of Geraldine, far from the city lights and motorways, ideas run free for the team at Al’s Laboratory. Tinkering and tasting are a way of life.

Louisiana style hot sauces

The hot sauce range is the aftermath of 7 years of experimentation with fermentation and the hot honey sauces are the outcome of searching for the perfect fried chicken dish. Based loosely on Louisiana style hot sauces, the chillies are fermented to build flavours which are then preserved in vinegar.

Here to fill the void

Al's hot sauces are hand crafted in small batches. Great for filling that massive (sauce based) void in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this stuff gluten-free?

Yes, there are no gluten products in the sauce and it’s made in a gluten-free environment 

What is “craft” about these sauces?

Well, rather than a massive and industrial production process, we make small batches in a small factory space.
Is it vegan friendly?

There are no animal products in the fermented hot sauces. However, Al’s Hot Honey Sauces contain honey...obviously, so it depends how you feel about that.


How long will the sauce last after I open it?

Once opened keep it in the fridge, it should last a year. But you should definitely use it faster than that.


Do you wholesale these amazing sauces to other businesses?

Sure do, contact us for details here: 


Infrequently Asked Questions

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Will this sauce help me win over the girl/boy next door that I have had a crush on for two years?


I love hot sauce but I can't stand spice. Do you supply a milk-based hot sauce or something slightly milder?

No, but check the milk section of your local supermarket for some non-chilli, milk-based chilli sauces. They come in 2-litre bottles for your convenience.