About Us

Al’s Laboratory is a small, family business based in Geraldine South Canterbury.

In 2016 Alastair and Anna Bolland established The Running Duck, a cafe in Geraldine. After a series of experiments with fermented hot sauce formulas, Al’s Hot pepper Sauce was born.

The sauce was a fermented Louisiana style hot sauce. It was used on the tables by guests and available for sale from the counter.

After a series of trials with a fried chicken burger and a spiced honey sauce, the Motherclucker burger and Al’s hot Honey Sauce was a winning combination on The Running Duck menu.

From here Al’s Laboratory was launched. The hot sauce range has been expanded to 6 products with more in the pipeline.

These hot sauces are made in small batches. How small? Probably around 100 bottles at a time. These are hand labelled and sealed by Al and his family.

Plenty of experimenting and tinkering goes on in Al’s Laboratory. New sauces and combinations are always underway.