About Us

Al’s Laboratory is in the small South Canterbury township of Geraldine, New Zealand. This small town is where Al spent his teenage years before heading off to Australia and beyond to work as a chef. The chef life has been going on now for over 30 years.

Now back in his hometown running a café with his beautiful wife Anna, Al has created a flavour creation workspace. Al’s Laboratory is where the magic happens. After experimenting with fermented hot sauces back in 2015 Al’s Hot pepper Sauce was created and used on the tables at The Running Duck, the café the pair had opened in 2016. From there other sauces we developed and tested.

The spice blends in Al’s range have all been developed and tested on the food in the café over the last 5 years. The food produced at Al’s Laboratory is hand crafted, small batch food. It’s made with care and attention to detail and quality.

So and some love to the food you eat.

Supercharge your life.