Al’s BBQ Sauce 330ml

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330ml bottle.

Whether its a sausage in bread or low and slow smoked brisket, Al’s BBQ sauce is the screaming guitar solo to any meal.
You know that guy who comes to a BBQ and brings great snacks and some decent beers, Well dressed but still casual? Cheeky banter but not a dick? Even plays nicely with the kids? Well if that guy was a BBQ sauce, it would be Al’s BBQ sauce.*


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This sauce is not a spicy sauce, it’s more of a family friendly sauce. Full of traditional BBQ sauce flavours. Like the kid from down the street who comes to play and calls you Mr or Mrs, helps with the dishes and says thanks for having me when they leave.

Just like that kid, Al’s BBQ sauce is welcome at any meal.

Thanks for having us!


1 review for Al’s BBQ Sauce 330ml

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best barbecue sauce out there

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