Fried Chicken DIY Kit


Fried Chicken DIY Kit

You love fried chicken right? Well now you can have a go at it yourself.

Al’s fried chicken DIY fit includes two spice blends to add to your coating (recipe included on the Mother Clucker pouch) and two sauces.

Mother Clucker is our classic fried chicken spice blend. Not too spicy but full of flavour. Suitable for for wings, chicken pieces or even cauliflower.

Ramp up the spice with our chipotle rub. Smokin’ Hot Chick brings some smoky heat with dried chipotle peppers. Use it in the coating or as a marinade.

Then use our award winning Hot Honey Sauce with Ginger and lime to finish the dish or make up a classic buffalo wing sauce with our Hot Pepper Sauce Original and butter.




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